Ok, you're all set! Your free meal plans can be downloaded below.

Your Free Meal Plans!

What you need to know...

All four weeks of the following meal plans are designed with the Strong Mommas Healthy Eating Habits in mind, which are...


Eat every meal, no skipping.

Meals are "nutrient opportunities" for your body to thrive at its best!


Eat your PRO's with every meal.

PROtein and PROduce should be highlighted with every dish.


Eat a variety of healthy fats with nearly every meal.

Be intentional about including some type of fat.


Sometimes have grains and other starchier carbohydrates.

If/when these are eaten, they're very high quality and nutritious sources.


Eat real, fresh foods whenever possible.

Do your best to avoid foods that come from packages.

These are the Strong Mommas Healthy Eating Habits.

The meal plans will teach you how to put them into action. 

You will learn how to cook easy, real meals.  You will learn how to be mindful and intentional with your choices. 

But this is far from fancy, trust me. These are probably meals you're already familiar with, but with healthier tweaks to make them fit the guidelines above. 


Splurge sometimes with control, balance and moderation.

Avoid the all-or-nothing and typical dieting mentalities.

Quick tips about your meal plans...

Don't worry too much about your portion sizes with these meals. 

If a meal indicates a certain amount then follow it, but otherwise practice listening to your body. You will frequently see "large handful" or "small handful" or "big salad". Just eyeball things and don't get too caught up in sizes. 

Be flexible.

It might make more sense to have Tuesday's meal on Thursday. Or you might not like cottage cottage, so you might prefer to swap that meal with another snack you do like. Don't panic if you're not following the meal plan perfectly. Use it as your starting point, then tweak it to suit your needs better. 

Eat whatever you want a couple times a week.

Splurging a few times a week is important for your mindset. Think of it as your pressure release valve...your chance to have pizza or an ice cream sundae without feeling bad. However, keep in mind that if you splurge and eat whatever you want more than these few times, you will struggle to see progress.

Don't worry about meal times.

Your meals do not have to happen at specific, magical times to fuel your body best. It's more important that you're just eating good, healthy meals consistently. For most moms, it makes sense to have an afternoon snack halfway between lunch and dinner, but you may find this snack works better for your life between breakfast and lunch instead.

Go to www.strong-mommas.com/recipes for recipes.

If a meal has an (R), this indicates that there is a corresponding recipe on the website. Otherwise, the meal is simple enough to not need a recipe.

Bagged salads are your new best friend.

Praise the Lord that we live in a world with pre-made salad kits! You will frequently see "leafy green salad" as a lunch or dinner option. This is where the bagged salads come in. Choose a kit that is made up of good leafy greens like kale, romaine, and cabbage with a vinaigrette-style dressing. You can also use your own dressing instead of what the kit comes with.

Download your Free Meal Plans Here

A .pdf file should begin downloading shortly...

Don't stop here!

Having a good meal plan is just the beginning of being a fit and healthy mom...

Learning how to eat healthy on a consistent basis as a mom is no small chore. Good nutrition and exercise- the kind that lasts and creates real body change - takes more than just a meal plan. 

The Strong Mommas Membership program gives you all the tools you need to be truly fit, healthy, lean and confident in your body as a mom. 

"I’m so thankful for this program and for Megan. I have always tried to be active (even when I was overweight) but it’s amazing the confidence I have in my body’s ability to do stuff now. I felt the confidence to try roller skating again because I know my core and legs are strong. Is my body perfect? No way. But I’m so thankful that is not the goal of this program... to flaunt ourselves in bikinis and deprive ourselves of food. I’m enjoying food, making mindful choices and living life to the fullest with kids! I love being healthy and strong!"  -Emily

"What I really love about Strong Mommas is that I have made it through the holiday craziness and I don’t feel like I need a restart. I have goals and a plan for the new year, but they’re the goals I already had and the plan I’m already following. I don’t feel like I let myself go, but I did splurge and I didn’t feel guilty. There's a natural, gradual momentum that is building since becoming a member. There’s no extreme pendulum swing going on, just an everyday level of balance that I can maintain every month of the year with very little stress or guilt. I absolutely love that!!" 


What's included in the membership?

Complete Nutrition Coaching

  • Complete Nutrition Guide so you know exactly how to choose foods
  • Lots more meal plans just like these ones
  • Tracking sheets and printouts
  • Daily accountability tools

Complete Workout Programs

  • Beginner and intermediate/advanced workout programs
  • Workout from home in 30 minutes or less
  • Build strength, muscle mass, improve your conditioning and metabolism
  • Prenatal & postpartum training options

Accountability and Community

  • Join a community of women that "get" you and support you daily
  • Receive weekly motivational emails & ongoing support to grow and improve
  • Live Q&A sessions & Live workout options

The Strong Mommas membership teaches and supports you from a perspective of grace and simplicity that you simply won't find with any other program.